I went to Bradley Beach, N.J., this morning to capture the rising Partial Solar Eclipse.  It was Nov. 3, 2013 and the Sun was to rise at 6:29AM already in
partial eclipse, but the clouds were just too much.  I see a partial shape of the Sun twice for only a few seconds and saw no Eclipse what so ever.  I did
capture some very nice images of the Suns brilliance.  I posted two of those images on this page.  Hope you like them.

A beautiful contrast of color as the Suns brilliance lights up the morning horizon.
Below is a close-up of the radiant.  I call it "Dante"s Inferno".
Both pictures were taken with my Canon XSi and a Canon Zoom 55-300mm lens. The camera was set on automatic but the focus was manual.
I used a Aputure remote shutter release.  The camera was on a fixed camera tripod.
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