On July 5, 2014 The Moon and Mars were in Conjunction.  Over the course of the night, you could see the positions of them both changing as Mars was
moving to the right of the Moon.  When I first seen the pair, Mars was to the upper left and left of center.  By time my session was over, the position of
Mars was as shown in the photo.  Although Mars is a bit faint, I wanted it original so I didn't enhance it.  I like it better this way.   
Place: Neptune, New Jersey 07753
Date: 07/05/2014
Time: 10:38 PM
Camera: Canon EOS Rebel XSi
Lens: Toyo 500mm F:8 Mirror Lens
Tripod: Fixed Camera
f-stop: F/0
ISO: 800
Exposure: 1/400 second
Color and Sharpness done in U-lead and Cropped and signed in PS6.

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