Iridium Flares #94 and #23.
I noticed on the "Heavens Above" website that there was going to be a double Iridium pass in almost the exact location only a minute apart.  It was
cloudy, but I figured why not.  So I set up my Camera and Tripod and hoped it would be clear enough to see the double pass.  It was clear enough and
I don't know if the atmosphere made it brighter, but Iridium #94 looked like a bright explosion at its' brightest.  At -8.4, Iridium 94 put on a show.
Iridium Flare #23 was almost boring compared to #94.  Because I wasn't tracking and My camera was pointing North East where all the light pollution is,
I wasn't able to take a long enough exposure to show  both Flares in the same picture without saturation.
Iridium Flare #23, 0.9 Mag. 47 Degrees Altitude in the Constellation "Pegasus", 9:33 PM.
Iridium Flare #94, -8.1 Mag., 45 Degrees Altitude in the Constellation "Pegasus", 9:32 PM.
Russell E. King
Iridium Flare #94.
Place: Neptune, New Jersey.
Time: 9:32 PM.
Camera: Canon EOS XSi.
Lens: Canon 18 to 55mm Lens @ 18mm.
Fixed Camera Tripod.
Exposure Time: 42 Seconds.
F-stop: f/4.
ISO: 800.
Adobe Photoshop.

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