First let me say that at no time did I feel like I was in a typical hurricane.  And I have been in quite a few, including the worst I ever seen, Hurricane Hazel.  That
was one serious hurricane.  Anyway, Sandy just didn't have that heavy rain that usually is part of hurricanes.  But boy did she pack some wind.  When I would
open my sliding glass door to my deck, it sounded like motor.  And when it gusts, it actually roared.  It is now a little after 5 Monday night and we hear this loud
crack.  I knew what it was, I heard that sound before.  One of my backyard neighbors' trees had broke in half and landed on their roof.  A limb reached as far as
the bathroom shower.  My neighbor said glass and damage was everywhere.  The tree hit at 5:11 PM, 10/29/2012.
At this point, it is barely raining, but the wind is 60-70 MPH with gust up to 90 MPH.  This was not a gradual event.  It was like someone turned a fan on.  It just
starting blowing at a very high speed and stayed that way until around 1 or 2 AM Tuesday morning.  It lost about 10 to 15 MPH.  The trees swayed all night.  
The close-up shows the damage to the roof.  Sad to say, it aint over.  It is just beginning.  And, like I said, this storm is mainly very high winds and high sea levels
that came a long way ashore.  It is now 5:35 and we heard that crack sound again.  This time we had plenty of time to witness a very scary event.  To set the stage,
as I would learn later, my backyard neighbor along with two helpers are in the attic of his home covering up the hole in his roof with a tarp.  Again, we heard this
crack and looked out the sliding glass door and noticed the tallest tree left was leaning on a smaller, but still big tree and it was only a matter of time.  The wind kept
blowing and the tree leaned more and more until it overpowered the smaller tree and they both went.  Remember, my neighbors are located in the right hand corner
of the roof.  These trees are 80-100 footers and are very top heavy.
Notice the very top of the trees and the direction of the leaves and the trees themselves. The picture above show the already steady high winds, the picture below
what the trees and their leaves looked like when the gust reached maximum.  The top of the far left tree will come down during the night with no damage to
ones property and the top of the tree that is just out of the picture on the right, you can see a limb, has lost its' top also.  
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