This is a 1% from New Moon shot that I got on the morning of Aug. 5, 2013.  I thought it was going to be a lot harder
to see, but it was still quite a ways from the Sun.  Mercury was to its' upper left, Mars just above Mercury and Jupiter
to the upper right of Mars.  The morning before they were much closer, but I wasn't able to get the shot.  In this case
I just wanted to get this thin Crescent Moon.
Place: Bradley Beach, New Jersey.
Date: August 5, 2013
Time: 5:16 AM.
Camera: Canon XSi.
Lens: Canon 75-300mm lens @ 300mm.
Tripod: Fixed Camera Tripod.
Remote Shutter Release.
F-stop: f/5.6.
Exposure time: 1/15 sec..
ISO: 1600.

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